Eco Lighting

Energy efficiency is something we take seriously here at Lightnation, not only to help you save money but to also help the environment. Lighting can be one of your biggest energy costs, so it important to make sure you get value for money from light instillations and keep your long term energy bills down.

One of the main concerns for many customers is, whether energy efficient lighting is as good as standard. We have a range of products which are not only energy efficient but also provide the same levels of light as standard lighting. You can simply and easily upgrade your existing lighting instillations to energy efficient lighting at a low price. Or Lightnation can design and fit new energy efficient light instillations, to improve your working environment.

We offer a range of products to suit a multitude of working and storage environments; whether indoor or outdoor factory and warehouse spaces, to office environments or outdoor and indoor sporting areas. Our experience ensures you get the very best lighting at the very best prices using the latest technological advances.

One of the most popular options is Passive Infra-Red (PIR) motion sensors, this is a great option for areas which don’t need to be lit constantly, only when someone enters a space. PC controllability allows customers to control dates and times for lighting to be used remotely, this is a great option for retail or if you want added security. Times can be altered depending on time of year and natural light.

The lighting we use at Lightnation is high power, low energy, supplying you the brightest clearest results with minimal energy consumption. A plus for your outgoings and the environment, it means longer lamp life and a lower carbon footprint. Although with all lighting options there will be an initial outlay, benefits will be reaped over time.

A popular development in fluorescent lighting is the T5 lamp. It is one of the most energy efficient lamps available on the market at the moment, cutting energy usage in lighting by 65%. These can be retrofitted into existing 8 ft. 125 W (240 V) lighting and can be the most affordable options for business looking to improve their existing light instillations.

LED lighting (light-emitting diode) is a great option for long term energy efficiency, although more expensive than florescent lighting options, LED lighting is longer lasting, seeing savings over a longer period of time. They are quick to light up and can also be dimmed for different lighting options. LED light instillations are fitted to a number of new high-end projects for a quality and long lasting finish.

Traditional lighting options include induction lighting, although this technology has been around for over a century, recent developments have seen it become a great option for commercial, industrial and municipal markets. It is popular across Europe and USA for its green credentials and its affordability. Induction lighting is a great all round lighting option.

Lightnation can easily help you reduce your energy bills and your businesses impact on the environment.