Public Sector Lighting

Lightnation considers a wide range of possibilities and eventualities when designing lighting for the public sector. We have experience at creating lighting for a number of different public areas, including; street lighting, leisure facilities, Multi Games Areas (MUGA’s) and sports facilities, swimming pools, public areas and all Schools, council offices and buildings.

Safety is key for us when it comes to designing light instillations for the public sector as well as offering affordable options and eco-friendly lighting. We can retro fit lighting, install new lighting and design new instillations on new build or existing buildings to create the right environment. We provide a risk assessment for each project as well as full energy surveys and complete lighting consultations. Lightnation are fully insured and adhere to European Standards.

All areas are different and diverse types of lighting will be required. We create models which look at all aspects, not only from the point of view of the general public but also public sector. Designing light instillation that meets the needs of many in a safe environment. This also includes security lighting for public areas, such as bollard lighting and walkway lighting.

As well as fitting lighting, Lightnation also maintain Public Street lighting and lighting for public run buildings, ensuring optimum output. We also use the latest technology and use the best energy saving products on the market, not only to save money on your energy bill but also to have a positive impact on the environment.

Energy consumption takes up a large amount of public bills, lighting which saves energy will save you money. Many new light instillations will require investment at the start of the project, however over the long term, you will save more than the initial outlay over a period of time. We use the latest LED and induction lighting, both options are reliable and offer energy usage savings.

Induction lighting is one of the most popular forms of lighting and many public services across Europe and the US use this form of lighting because it is long lasting. LED is also a popular option because again it stands the test of time, although it is the more expensive options, more savings are seen over time.

Here at Lightnation we use our knowledge and experience to provide lighting for public sector at affordable prices, offering a quick and thorough service which is second to none.