Warehouse Lighting

The lighting in a warehouse is a major influence to the personnel and general workings of the whole place it can have a big impact on the overall efficiency of the warehouse. If it isn’t sufficient it could result in losing money and be potentially hazardous to personnel that work there.

Lightnation are experts in manufacturing, supplying and installing lighting solutions. The first thing we look at is the size of the warehouse, the width of the aisles, the ceiling height and whether there is an apex to the ceiling. If there are any roof lights / sky lights we look to see if they are clean enough to let the light through if not can they be cleaned. This can have a big impact on the on the installation and the fixtures chosen. We also look at the products stored the size of the labels and the visibility required to read the labels furthermore how often the aisle are frequented.

Lighting should be located as high as possible, out of the way of any likely damage from stacking and fork trucks to prevent damage to stock by fire or injury to staff. The lighting design plays a big part in the new installation and needs to account for the effect of shadows caused by people or objects in the warehouse, the also lighting needs to produce a reasonable uniformity across the warehouse with no dark zones.

Wrongly specified or positioned warehouse lighting can lead to accidents especially where fork trucks, reach trucks or side loads are used as well as the stressed or fatigued workers. The poor lighting can also represent a significant cost to the business in the form of time of work as a result of the accident or injury, increased absenteeism and reduced staff efficiency and productivity.

Lighting accounts for 41 percent of the overall energy consumption in the running of a warehouse it makes it the single biggest energy cost. Energy efficient lamps, correct lighting specification and lighting controls save money and improve working conditions. By adopting these energy saving principles lighting energy waste can be reduced by up to 70 percent in some cases. Lightnation have a selection of the best energy efficient lighting sources on the market: